On the Road in an RV

How close are your rental locations to the airport?

Our rental locations are close to airports in most cities.

Does your staff speak other languages?

Our Guest Service team speaks German, French, and some Dutch, Italian and Spanish.

What are your pickup times?

We schedule pick up for our vehicles between 1:00pm and 4:00pm. Please telephone us on the morning you are picking up so we can advise you of your pick-up time and arrange for your transfer to our station.

We are open on Sundays and Holidays between May 1 and September 30. It can be helpful to know this when arranging your flights. Between October 1 and April 30, we are closed, however Sunday pick-up and drop-off are available for an additional fee.

Guests arriving on Canadian domestic flights should arrive by 2:00pm, and on US flights by 1:00pm in order to clear Customs, and be at the pick-up location no later than 4:00pm for same day pickup. It is recommended that Guests arriving direct from overseas spend one night in a hotel to adjust to the time difference, and then start their RV vacation the following day.

When do I have to return?

Vehicles have to be back between 8:00am and 10:00am. We ask Guests to call if they will be delayed. A late fee may apply. There are numerous campgrounds close to our locations so that your drive to the station is no more than a couple of hours. Transfers at drop off are to the airport and airport hotels. You must allow sufficient time to be sure that all holding tanks are empty before returning to the drop-off location, and to pack your belongings to vacate the vehicle upon arrival at the rental station.

What arrangements are there for me upon arrival at my pick-up location?

Guests arriving direct from overseas should spend at least one night in a hotel to adjust to the time difference. Upon arrival, or the next morning, just phone our rental stations to advise your location, hotel name, room number, etc., and we will call you back to arrange a time for pickup. We provide luggage storage if you are returning to the same location. Storage is at the Guest’s own risk.

Local Guests may be able to leave their cars at our stations, subject to space available. Please phone your pickup location for more information.

Do you offer hotels near your rental stations?

We have special rates at airport hotels at all our pick-up locations, except during busy periods such as Grand Prix and Calgary Stampede.

What kinds of hookups are needed?

Electrical hookup is the most common. Sewer hookup is the most convenient! And fresh water hookup is good if you stay long in one place! It is advisable to have electrical hookup in the spring and fall when days are shorter and nights cooler so that there is not such a heavy drain on the battery. A monitor panel shows the various levels of fluids.

During pickup you will be given about a 45 minute orientation of the operating systems including hookups, propane systems, vehicle operation, fridge and heater, etc.

All vehicles come with a Guest Guide that explains the systems. You should call our station on our Toll Free number if you have difficulty. Often times it is a minor adjustment, or we can direct you to a service centre where ever you are.

Do your vehicles have a CD player?

Not all of our vehicles have CD players but most have a connection for your portable music player. The radio may not have reception in remote areas. You have to be careful not to leave the radio on for long periods without starting the engine. There are two sets of batteries so that the RV battery does not drain the chassis battery.

Do you rent booster seats?

We do not provide booster seats and you should bring your own. We do offer baby seats for infants up to 2 years old for a nominal cost.

Do you allow pets?

Beavers and bears are out, as is your family dog. We are sorry about that, however we need to respect Guests who have allergies to pet hair.

Can I smoke in the vehicle?

NO. No. No. We offer a smoke-free environment close to nature. Be very careful with fire and matches when smoking outside the vehicle during fire season in the woods. A cleaning charge will be assessed for smoking in the vehicle, camper or motorhome.

Do you provide bike rentals?

We don’t rent bikes. We do however rent bike racks, and we can suggest where you might rent bikes in Calgary and Vancouver to take with you on the road.