Advice to Guests

Pickup Day

Same day arrivals from overseas are not recommended due to travel fatigue, customs clearance and flight delays that cannot be anticipated.

Guests are advised to telephone our local station to advise their accommodation name, address, telephone number, and room number so that we can arrange transfers to the rental station for pickup whether, from airport or airport hotels.

On the Road

Instruction Manuals are provided in all vehicles.

Guests are advised to call our Toll Free number throughout North America (1-888-608-8766) to report accidents and mechanical problems. Failure to do so may void insurance coverage.

Child Restraint Seats

Guests are advised to bring their own child restraint seats and booster seats. West Coast Mountain Campers rents only baby seats. Refer to optional equipment.

Campground Stays

Guests are advised to stay in campgrounds throughout their rental period. Names and locations are provided in the relevant provincial campground guides and in our Passport to Savings Guide.

Microwave and air conditioning only operate on electrical hookup. Electrical hookup is particularly important in late summer and fall as days draw shorter and nights are cooler. Overuse of lights in the camper will drain the battery.

Drop-off at Rental Station

Guests may be asked to vacate the vehicle within half an hour of returning to the rental station. Holding tanks must be empty, and black and gray water valves open. ($75 fee to empty).

Guests are advised that they may be charged a late fee of $150/hour if they do not return by 10:00am without permission.

Guests are returned to the airport or airport hotels. Taxis to downtown are available and we will be happy to arrange one for your at your own cost. Mini-vans can also be ordered on request.

Last Night Before Drop-off

Guests should overnight within 100 kilometres of the rental station in order to arrive before 10:00am. Campgrounds near Calgary are located on the Trans-Canada Hwy from Lake Louise (about 3 hrs). Sea-to-Sky Hwy from Whistler, and US border to Vancouver (about 2 hours). If returning from Vancouver Island to Vancouver, you will need to arrive back in Vancouver the night before drop off.