Company History

How we expanded RV rentals since 1980

Fritz Rodenstein had the idea that the new Volkswagen Westfalia would make a good camper for rental back when it was first introduced in 1980.  Together with Frank Ludtke and Gord Rees, the trio set up Westcoast Mountain Campers.  Three campers were bought and sold in the first year.  A group of exchange teachers from Germany were our first clients.

The company grew through the 1980’s, with Expo 86 in Vancouver, and the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary and 2010 in Vancouver, which focused much attention on Western Canada.

A Calgary station opened near the airport in 1986, and we relocated our Vancouver station closer to the airport in 1995.

We operated more than 140 VW Campers, and accumulated more kilometres than any other user anywhere.

Vanconversions were introduced in 1989 followed by motorhomes in 1995.  Powerful diesel trucks with 10′ campers were added to the fleet in 2002.  We purchase high quality Canadian-made product whereever possible.

In early 2015, Westcoast Mountain Campers became a division of CanaDream Inc, a company which has itself been involved in the tourism industry in Canada for more than 20 years. With the strength of CanaDream behind them, West Coast Mountain Campers continues to provide travelers from around the world with the opportunity to explore Canada in comfort by RV.

WCMC clients travel more than three million kilomtres per year, and spend eight thousand nights per year in campgrounds and parks every where in Western Canada and USA.

Now that’s a lot of happy camping, Folks!